20 BBY
Battle of Boz Pity
Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 36,433[1] after the Tho Yor Arrival

Year 3,633[2] after the Treaty of Coruscant

Year 980[3] after the Ruusan Reformation

Year 15:3–16:2[4] after the Great ReSynchronization

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Clone Wars




Rise of the Empire era[5]

20 before the Battle of Yavin (BBY) was a year in the era known as the Republic Classic era. During that period of time, the Clone Wars raged on between the Galactic Republic and Confederacy of Independent Systems. Around 20 BBY, the CIS began to construct their superweapon over the planet Geonosis. This year was also known as Year 980 after the Ruusan Reformation and Year 3,633 after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant.




Creb on Bettok Thurlow Harris Shenir Rix Rianna Saren (Latest possible date) Venku Skirata on Mandalore


15:5 (24 months ABG)Edit

  • Aboard the MedStar Nineteen
    • Mathal
    • Tarnese Bleyd
  • On Drongar
    • CT-915
    • Filba
    • Phow Ji
    • Zan Yant
    • CT-914
  • Rii'ke En on Honoghr
  • In the Mission to Vandos
    • Jmmaar
    • T'chooka D'oon
  • On Belsus
    • B'dard Tone
    • Flynn Kybo
  • Arbian J. Lemmeloth on Coruscant

15:10 (29 months ABG)Edit

  • Helina Dow on Genian
  • Siri Tachi in the Battle of Azure Spaceport

15:11 (30 months ABG)

  • On Phindar
    • Maks Leem
    • Jai Maruk
  • Oro Dassyne in the Battle of Bomis Koori IV
  • In the Battle of Rendili
    • Mellor Yago
    • Gallan
  • On Susevfi
    • Nikkos Tyris
    • Nejaa Halcyon

15:12 (31 months ABG)Edit

  • Ruati on Nauton IV
  • "Stang" on Trigalis
  • Drama Korr aboard her yacht on the Karthakk system
  • Durge on Karthakk
  • In the Battle of Boz Pity
    • Soon Bayts
  • On Tatooine
    • Jhordvar
    • Urzan Krag
  • Firkrann on Xagobah
  • Jolluc on Haurgab

Unknown dateEdit

  • In the Battle of High Rock Canyon on Jabiim
    • Orliss Gillmunn
  • On Yellowblade's Landing
    • Grohto
    • Nukss
  • On Pleem's Nexus
    • Bruu Jun-Fan
    • Ko Solok
    • On Paklan


    • Zika
  • On Moorjhone
    • Ja'Boag
    • Jatenne
    • Judd
    • Salmara
    • Tresfor
    • Trisjon
  • In the Battle of Onderon
    • Dono
    • Steela Gerrera
    • Hutch
    • Sanjay Rash
  • In the Mission to Aut-O's flagship
    • Aut-O
  • In the Escape from Abafar
    • Gregor
  • Duel at unidentified Outer Rim spaceport

Finn Ertay[6]

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