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"The Hutts possess great things that could be useful to us."
Maul explaining to the Council.[src]

The Hutt Grand Council, formally called the Clans of the Ancients or Council of Elders, was the ruling political body of Nal Hutta and the Hutt species.


Oruba's death

Oruba killed, at the hands of Savage Opress.

The Hutt Grand Council, also known as the Council of Elders and the Clan of Ancients, was ruled by Jabba, Gorga, Arok, Oruba, and Marlo. But after a skirmish with the Shadow Collective, Oruba was wounded and was trapped inside the Hutt Grand Council Hall, where, after only telling Maul where Jabba was and not Arok, Marlo, and Gorga, Maul had Opress kill the ancient Hutt