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Jedi Temple Guard of Coruscant
Jedi Temple Guard
Historical information
Date abolished

19 BBY[1]

Notable individuals

Jedi High Council[3]

Position type



Protect the Jedi Temple[3]

Chronological information

Rise of the Empire era[3]

"Cease hostilities!"
―A Jedi Temple Guard attempts to end the fight between Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee.[src]

The Jedi Temple Guards were Jedi of the Temple Security Force. They were charged with defending the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. The Temple Guard wielded yellow double-bladed lightsaber shotos when combat was necessary.


An ancient, honored heritage within the hallowed halls of the Jedi Temple was the role of the Jedi Temple Guard. Reporting to Cin Drallig, head of security, the Temple Guards were anonymous sentinels plucked from the ranks of the Jedi as part of a Knight's ongoing commitment to the Order.

After Ahsoka Tano was captured when accused of being the architect of the Temple Bombing, the Temple Guard escorted her to the Council who expelled her. As Anakin Skywalker searched for proof of his padawan's innocence, he discovered the real traitor was Barriss Offee. Barriss attempted to flee from a duel with Skywalker but was blocked by the Temple Guard who continued to surround her while she fought with Skywalker. When defeated, they escorted her to Ahsoka's Trial, where she confessed to the Bombing and the murder of Letta Turmond.[4]


A Jedi Temple Guard would wear formal robes and identity-concealing masks, the ultimate expression of emotional detachment required in service to a higher calling. Temple Guards carried imposing lightsaber pikes -- thick, double-bladed weapons that produced a rare and distinctive yellow blade.[5]

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The Fortiure Guardians of the Fortiure Guard are based off of the Jedi Temple Guards.


''Cease all hostilities!''

Two Temple Guards wielding their double-bladed lightsaber shotos.


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