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Kajidic was the name of a Hutt philosophy which guided most of Hutt daily life and politics. It is also a loose Hutt term for their clans, "business enterprises" and criminal syndicates.


The Hutts are among the most notorious gangsters in the galaxy. Hailing from the swampy world of Nal Hutta, the Hutt kajidics (as their clans are known) have their slimy hands in all kinds of criminal ventures. Unlike other crime syndicates that tend to operate behind the scenes, the Hutt kajidics operate out in the open and claim rightful dominion over dozens of worlds. The Hutt kajidics are the classic gangsters who not only seek wealth and power but also plunge themselves into excess and gluttony. Few pleasures are too depraved for the Hutts, and they have little care for who or what gets in their way.[1]

The Hutts rule directly over a number of worlds in a territory commonly referred to as Hutt Space. Dozens of civilized worlds in Hutt Space under the rulership of one or more kajidics, and some worlds outside of Hutt Space are practically, if not officially, ruled by the Hutts.

Hutt Crime LordsEdit

Some of the many known Huttese crime lords are: Arok, Oruba, Jabba, Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure, and many others.

Known Hutt kajidicsEdit

Huttese Empire

The Desilijic and Fortiure clan symbol.


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