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Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure
Biographical information

Nal Hutta[1]


901 BBY[1], Nal Hutta

Physical description



Hermaphrodite (masculine personality)

  • 2.11 meters tall
  • 3.6 meters long
Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Blue and yellow[1]

Chronological and political information



Slatia Desilijic Fortiure (Jedi apprentice)

"«I am as honest and true to my words as is a Jedi.»"
―Kolluga the Great[src]

Kolluga Desilijic Fortiure, or most commonly known as Kolluga the Hutt, Kolluga the Great, Kolluga the Wealthy, and Kolluga Fortuna, was an elder force-sensitive Hutt of the Jedi Order (unofficially), Hutt Cartel, and the Hutt Grand Council. He was the son of Oruba and Rotta Desilijic Fortiure, and the elder brother of Jabba Desilijic Fortiure. Over the years, Oruba taught Kolluga the ways of light side of the Force and the Hutt became Oruba's padawan. He was the cousin of Jabba Desilijic Tiure and Koona Desilijic Tiron, the distant cousin of Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, Rotta, and Grubba Desilijic Aarrpo.

Kolluga started his criminal career and empire small, only dealing with slaves, spices, and foodstuffs, along with his fellow life-long force-sensitive friend, Hermi Odle. But, he proved to be more powerful than anyone expected and moved quickly up in the crime lord ranks and began to spread his empire even further into the galaxy. Through his powerful empire, he became as powerful, later more powerful, as Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Gardulla the Elder, Jiliac Desilijic Tiron, and Arok Blujic Yulo. He used his palace as a base and center of his empire and operations. During the Clone Wars, he signed the Hutt-Republic treaty and later on, joined the Rebel Alliance, which would cause Jabba to distrust and betray Kolluga.

Around 152 ABY, Kolluga and the rest of the council signed a treaty, allying themselves with the New Infinite Empire of Rakata, eventually fighting alongside the Rakata in the Rakata-Sith War. Years later, Kolluga and the other Ancients were informed by the newest member, Potunga, about her mother's newest bio-weapon, which had already killed 10 Hutts. Kolluga and the others conspired with the Desilijic's enemy, Muggera, to kill Frugga, and succeeded. Seven years later, Kolluga planned to retire as the leader of the Fortiure kajidic and it's representative on the Hutt Council 103 years later and revealed it to the Hutt Council soon after that.

Around 800 ABY, Kolluga gained the title of Kajidii once again and represented the Fortiure clan on the council again. Around this time, he had built the city of Kolluga on Nal Hutta.[6] Several years later, the Great Hutt War began between the Hutt Cartel and the resurgent Hutt Empire.


Kolluga was born in 901 BBY[1] as the son of Oruba and Rotta Desilijic Fortiure on Nal Hutta.[1] While his father was a Jedi High Council member, Arok Blujic Yulo had mentored the Huttlet. He became a member of the Hutt Grand Council in 15 ABY and left his seat on the Council in 400 ABY, and was the leader of the Fortiure kajidic in 516 BBY up until he resigned. After Khobisho Desilijic Fortiue resigned as leader, Kolluga became the head of the Fortiure clan again and it's representative on the Hutt Council again around 800 ABY.

Early Life (901 – 22 BBY)

Kolluga was born as a force-sensitive Hutt in the city of Bilbousa[7] on Nal Hutta in 901 BBY as the son of Oruba and Rotta Desilijic Fortiure.[1] He took formal control of the Fortiure kajidic in 516 BBY, when the son of Togila Desiliic Fortiure was killed by Kolluga's younger brother, whom was trying to gain control of the kajidic clans.[8]

Arok and Gardulla

Kolluga and Gardulla the Elder betting on the podrace in 32 BBY.

At the incredibly young age of 70[7], the powerful and wealthy gangster created his criminal empire on the Hutt-controlled planet of Tatooine and Nal Hutta. In 795 BBY, Kolluga moved his criminal operations into an old-looking monastery, which he built a few years before, on Nal Hutta.[7] In this monastery, he created his own private fleet to use in battles and wars.

Kolluga started his empire small, mainly in dealing with spices, slaves, and foodstuffs, along with his force- sensitive life-long friend, Hermi Odle.[7] During Palpatine's rise to power, Kolluga betted against his dominance. While Jabba and few other Hutt gangsters betted for Palpatine, Kolluga and a few others, such as: Xizor and Xomit Grunseit better against him. During this time, Grunseit and Kolluga became allies and started to aid each other in combat or in needs of help.[9] But when Grunseit was killed by Savage Opress in 20 BBY[10], and Kolluga found out about this, the Hutt put a bounty on the Dathomirian Zabrak's head. But by the time this happened, Opress was already killed by Darth Sidious on Mandalore.

Sometime prior to the 100 BBY, Kolluga joined the Three Families.[7] At the time the Three Families of Quesh consisted of clan Masrii and Urdosh, since clan Kaltemmic left shortly after the Old Republic era ended.[11] Kolluga enjoyed the treasures and pleasures that came with the position of being a leader of the Three Families but never felt fully satisfied until he met Masrii leader Gurga Masrii, whom shared his tastes and interests. Gurga and Kolluga became the best of friends until Gurga's murder, then Kolluga became secluded in the Three Families Palace and even started to become addicted to Quesh's adrenals, just like Portho Kaltemmic was back in the Old Republic era.[7] However, Kolluga broke away from this habit and left the Three Families, stating that their was nothing left for him on Quesh.

In 32 BBY, Kolluga attended the Boonta Eve Classic podrace as the guest of Jabba and stayed with Jabba and Gardulla in his private box.[12] He made a bet with Gardulla that if Ratts Tyerell survives the race, then she would have to pay him 50,000 credits, but when he died she asked for the money, but then, with the Force, Kolluga managed to bring Tyerell back to life and one the 50,000 credits.[12] When the race ended, Kolluga had noticed that Jabba had fallen asleep and woke him back up.[12]

A few days later, after seeing Jabba's box, Kolluga decided to get one and bought his own.[7] In it, Kolluga watched other podraces as well. At the next Boonta Eve Classic podrace, Kolluga invited Jabba, Oruba, Arok, Gardulla, his wife, his daughter, Watto, Graxol Kelvyyn, and a few other Hutts to his private box, where they all bet on at least one podracer. Being his favorite podracer and friend, Kolluga bet on Ratts Tyerell, as usual, and one almost every single time.[7]

Months before the Clone Wars began, Kolluga began a spice operation, along with Popara Anjiliac Diresto, his cousin, Jabba, Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, and Arok. They each made a fortune off the spice dealing business.[7] A few times, they even stole spices from the Pyke Syndicate, who had no idea who did it and was never going to. But when a spy of the Pykes was sent to the Hutts' palaces and found out that they were the ones, and was about to escape when one of Kolluga's guards caught the spy and killed him. The Hutts then framed a rival of their's, Xizor, who was very much hated by everyone, even the Black Sun, for the murder of the Pyke spy and the theft of the spices. But minutes before the Falleen's execution, he escaped and went into exile.[7]

At some point prior to 32 BBY, Kolluga joined the Crime Collective to represent the Hutt Kajidics, along with the leaders of the Black Sun, Kulto Ithor,[13] and the Pyke Syndicate.[3] The Collective — which would also come to be known as the Crime Council — would be known throughout its history to assassinate those that threatened their criminal dealings, which included the assassination of the Chief Justice Avrial Sussak on Manaan during the great criminal hunt of Manaan; however, it is unknown whether or not that Kolluga himself was part of the Collective at the time of the assassination.

At some time around 22 BBY,[14] Kolluga became a secret employer of the GenoHaradan assassin, Rudaour, who would eventually become his friend and ally. Sometime after Rudaour's employment, the GenoHaradan was hired by the Kolluga's rival Qantual to break into his palace to steal information that could be used to blackmail Kolluga, and, after he would be done blackmailing the Hutt lorda, he would have the frog-dog assassinate Kolluga. However, with Rudaour under his employment, Kolluga found out about the plan and deleted the incriminating data files with useless ones. After the theft of the files, Kolluga tasked Rudaour with assassinating the thief and Qantual, of which he did so on the planet Sleheyron. Rudaour was soon expelled from the guild for this and permanently worked for Kolluga as his personal bodyguard and assassin.[14]

Clone Wars

Following the recapture of Sarapin during the Clone Wars, Kolluga and his cousin had gotten into a position that they had never imagined, aiding a top general for the Galactic Republic during the Second Battle of Tatooine. Since Boorka the Hutt, a rival of the two crime lords, was working with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, so Kolluga and his relative concluded that their rival/fellow Huttese gangster had gone too far this time. With the newly arrived clone army proved to be too small, Kolluga and Jabba became involved.

After bolstering their forces, Jedi Generals Echuu Shen-Jon and Naat Reath successfully engaged the Separatist enemy and killing Boorka. For their troubles, Kolluga and Jabba gave them five thousand nova crystals; glad to be rid of the Hutt's enemy.

Jabba Desilijic Tiure of Nal Hutta

Kolluga during the Clone Wars.

But since he was a true crime lord, he did business with both sides of the war. So when Wat Tambor of the Techno Union came to Kolluga and Arok at Arok's Palace, the two Hutts agreed to help the Separatists smuggle huge shipments of construction materials and metallic weapons to the planet Metalorn to aid in the construction of the new weapons and droids. But when Kolluga was informed by Arok of Anakin Skywalker's presence on Tatooine, Kolluga sent bounty hunters after the Jedi Master. Though, the two crime lords soon freed the Jedi informer.


Kolluga speaks with the Supreme Chancellor on behalf of Jabba and himself.

Later on, after Jabba's son, Rotta, was kidnapped, Jabba informed Kolluga of Jabba's son being kidnapped. Soon, Kolluga's daughter too, was kidnapped.[15] When Jabba was informed of this, Jabba then asked for the Republics help, in exchange for safe passage through Hutt territories. After Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano rescued and returned Slatia and Rotta back to Kolluga and Jabba, Kolluga signed the Hutt-Republic treaty.[15] But when Kolluga and Jabba found out that Ziro had plotted against the two of them and was responsible for the children's kidnapping, Kolluga put a bounty on Ziro's head, and later on, Jabba would too.[15]

Sometime later, Kolluga, along with his daughter, left Nal Hutta for a brief time to visit his cousin Jabba and Jabba's son, Rotta. During his visit, Slatia and Rotta began playing with a bug, which they both killed by beating it on Jabba's tail, which made Jabba to get after them for it, making Kolluga laugh.[16] However, Kolluga and Jabba watched as Pantoran Chairmen Template:Papanoida attacked the bounty hunter Greedo. Kolluga then watched and listened in as Papanoida then reasoned with Jabba to allow him to take a blood sample of Greedo's.[16]

Sometime later, in 21 BBY, Kolluga and the other Clans of the Ancients members discussed on the plan to break Ziro out of a Republic prison on Coruscant.[17] But, Jabba's and Kolluga's intentions were not as clear as the Council had thought. In fact, Jabba and Kolluga hired Pa'lowick singer Sy Snootles to kill Ziro after he showed her the damaging evidence against the Hutt Council.[18]

Sometime later, the Confederacy of Independent Systems had sent a Nautolan force-sensitive spy, Sycla Darsana, to Kolluga's Palace to become one of his guards. She was ordered to spy on the Hutt's activities and report back to Neimoidian lieutenant Rute Dofine and use the information to blackmail the dangerous crime lord. But after noticing her sneaky habits, he had one of his guards spy on her, and after seeing a hologram message between Darsana and Dofine. After telling Kolluga, he had the Nautolan female brought to him and had her beaten with knives and various of objects. After torturing for hours, he asked her over and over again, what had she told the Neimoidian, and she said nothing, which was a lie, and had her sent in chains to his sail barge and brought an audience with him. They went to the Great Pit of Carkoon on Tatooine, and he invited Jabba and Arok to come and watch the traitor die. He then had her jump off one of his skiffs and into the Sarlacc pit, where she would die slowly for the next 1,000 years.[19]

Sometime later, Kolluga had gone to Zygerria looking through the slave selections,[20] but had not found any of the slaves to be satisfying, as he voiced his opinion to his distant cousin — Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, who had gone to the slave market with him — and later, Gorga went up to a guard and told him about the awful selection.[20] Kolluga and Gorga later attended the slave auctions and left as soon as Anakin Skywalker came out of hiding.

The council laughs at Maul

Kolluga and the rest of the council laughs at Maul.

A year later, Darth Maul, Savage Opress, the Death Watch, the Black Sun, and the newly forced Hutt Grand Council have joined Maul's new organization, the Shadow Collective. After forcing Jabba and the rest of the Council into joining the Collective, Maul wanted one more organization, the Hutt kajidics.[10] Since the Desilijics and the Fortiures were the most powerful Hutt kajidics, Maul needed the Fortiures to join. Maul and the Death Watch then went to Kolluga's Palace on Nal Hutta to force Kolluga to join the Collective.[10] But after hearing the news about Oruba from Arok, Kolluga did not want that happen to him or his family. So, he prepared for a battle. But Maul proved to powerful for the guards and Kolluga and reached the throne room and forced Kolluga to be a part of the Collective, Kolluga had to accept, if he wanted himself a live, and more importantly, his family.[10]

After joining the Collective, Jabba, Arok, Gorga, Marlo, and Kolluga went to the planet of Graphila, where a Besadii Hutt had claimed the planet as his.[21] They went to his palace and told him what had happened, and that they needed his help, with his large armada. He told them that he will when the time was right. Near the end of the Collective's rule, Muggera kept his promise and launched a full-scale attack on the Mandalorian's base killing all but Bo-Katan Kryze and her squad, the Black Sun, the Pykes, and the Hutts, just in time before the Galactic Republic could arrive.[22]

Later, that same year, Kolluga was visiting his father and former Jedi comrades at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when there was an explosion in the main hangar.[23] The blast had sent shock waves throughout the Temple, causing a few pillars to collapse. One of them had fallen onto Kolluga's tail, covering most of it up. Kolluga was sent to the temple's medical bay for treatment. When Ahsoka and Anakin had came in, Kolluga started a friendly conversation with the Togruta for a few minutes before she left.[23]

Sometime later, the Jedi had came to Kolluga's Palace to ask if they could take Slatia to the temple for training, but the Hutt leader wasn't there.[24] Aronka, knowing that Kolluga wasn't going to let Slatia go and leave the palace, Aronka let the Jedi take her to the temple, thinking it would be safer for her. Later, Kolluga found out about this and went to the temple to get his daughter back.[24] However, the Jedi wouldn't let her go and had to go to the Galactic Senate threatening if the Senate and/or the Supreme Chancellor didn't make the Jedi give back his daughter, he would convince the rest of the council and Jabba to withdraw from the treaty and join the Separatists.[24] So, the Jedi were then forced to give Slatia back to Kolluga.

Sometime later, Kolluga visited the former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano on Coruscant shortly after hearing about the trial. Knowing he didn't properly thank her for bringing his only daughter back to him safely, he offered her money, a job, and told her that if she ever needed any help that she could come to him on Nal Hutta anytime she wanted.[25] During one of his own visits to Coruscant, Ahsoka visited him, bringing a Blood Carver bounty hunter with her. She asked Kolluga if there was any rumors about any known Blood Carvers, besides Baveru, to have been lurking around the Underworld and doing anything suspicious, and informed her of a local murderer spouting about him framing a fellow Carver for the murder of clones. Kolluga then told her that his door was always open and wished her good luck.[25] He later aided in the sentecing of Chuggo Marvok.

Shortly after the trial, Kolluga offered to take Ahsoka in once again, but this time she agreed and would take on assignments from him.[3]

Some weeks later, Kolluga, Ziton Moj, and the new leader of the Pyke Syndicate, Dekul Pyke, were paid well by Darth Sidious to shoot down Senator Stonk's ship over Tatooine. Unbeknownst to the group, Stonk brought with him Padmé Amidala and Tessek, so they were forced to take the three Senators (surprisingly all three survived the crash) and held them for ransom.[3]

File:Arok speaks.jpg

Kolluga suggested for the Collective to get their bodyguards and have them send a ransom message to the Galactic Senate. However, the Jedi managed to track the message to the Collective's headquarters on Oba Diah, prompting Jedi Generals Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, and Obi-Wan Kenobi to travel to Oba Diah.[3] Soon, the Jedi arrived and they spoke with the notorious crime lords, asking them about the senators. Though the Collective tried to deny it at first, they were forced to show them to the three senators, but on the way, Kolluga revealed the deal with Sidious to the Jedi and made a deal with the Jedi that if the Collective gave them the senators, then their crimes would be forgiven.[3] Moments later, Kolluga and other crime lords were attacked by Darth Maul, whom was sent by Sidious to destroy the Collective. After pressing the alarm button, Kolluga watched as his guards, the others' guards, and the Jedi rushed to the Collective's chambers.[3]

During the confrontation with Maul, Kolluga told him to tell Sidious that "if [he was] going to get rid of 'loose ends' then he should do it himself;" he then took out his lightsaber and engaged in a duel with Maul.[3] During the duel, Windu, Aayla, Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano joined in, making it easier for Kolluga to fight the former Sith Lord. However, during the confrontation, Maul stabbed Tessek, getting rid of one of Sidious' obstacles in breaking-down the Republic.[3] While Kolluga and the two Jedi dueled Maul to outside the chambers, Kolluga was knocked out when Maul force-pushed him into a nearby wall.[3]

Kolluga then woke up watching Maul escape in his shuttle. Jokingly, Kolluga asked if the Collective's deal with the Jedi was still on, of which Kenobi told him to not worry.[3] Kolluga and the others then went back inside.

Unexpected Mayhem (3 ABY-4 ABY)

Negotiations with Suppoon

"I can see that you two are eager to get down to business, am I not right, Jabba and Kolluga? Well, so am I!"

About five years before the Battle of Yavin, Jabba, along with Kolluga, used Jabba's yacht, the Star Jewel, and left Tatooine to the headquarters of Gaar Suppoon, an old acquaintance of the Hutt clans. Kolluga sat by Jabba while his cousin informed Gaar of a bomb being in his palace, but when Imperial agent, Kosh Kurp, searched the palace, their was no bomb that was discovered. After Jabba and Kolluga outwitted Gaar ever time in a heated trade war, Gaar had tried to have the two Hutts killed.

Jabba, without Kolluga's knowing, responded by letting loose a deadly posionous Tromoind on the treacherous Gaar, which bit him almost immediately. But after a long adventure back home, Jabba asked Kolluga to go to the planet of Smarteel, to meet the gangster again. But it was a trick, in fact it was a faked hologram that was constructed by Norba Nuum, a deceitful member of the Nuum family. Kolluga was then put in a cell with Jabba, where Norba came to visit the Hutts and asked them to kill Vu Chusker, but Kolluga and Jabba merely laughed. Jabba then ate Norba right threw the cell bars and was able to escape. While Jabba stayed on the planet, Kolluga left for Hutta.

Smuggling Scandal

Jabba the Hutt ''negotiates'' with Han Solo

Kolluga, watching Jabba interrogate Solo about Jabba's spice runs.

After having a discussion with Jabba about spices, Kolluga was informed of Jabba's main spice source's distrust. Moruth Doole, a Rybet, was an enemy of Han Solo, one of Jabba's, and later Kolluga's, smugglers, and turned Solo into the authorities, causing an Imperial patrol to crash down on one of Jabba's spice runs, which Han was hauling at the time for Jabba. That's when Kolluga got suspicious and had spies follow Doole and inform the Fortiure of the Rybet's dealings. After finding out about Doole's spice skimming, he informed Jabba, which would lead to a bounty on Doole's head.

But after begging for his life and giving one of his eyes to Jabba, Doole was kept alive and Solo was still held accountable for Jabba's loss, which Kolluga thought was unfair and disagreed with his uncle about Solo, who later became one of Kolluga's smugglers. Kolluga secretly put a bounty on Doole's head and eventually, succeeded.

An Unexpected Betrayal

In 4 ABY, Kolluga started associating with the Rebel Alliance and aided them in the Second Battle of Felucia. But after Jabba had found this out, he started to not rely on Kolluga as much as before. Once, he even had bounty hunters steal a small amount of Kolluga's spices without the Fortiure's knowledge that it was him. That same year, Jabba started to invite Kolluga to his palace for random occasions. But actually, Jabba was trying to give Kolluga food poisoning, which he never took because he had always ate before coming. On one occasion, Kolluga was invited to come and watch Jabba's newest slave, Oola, dance.[26]

After watching the poor Twi'lek being eaten by Jabba's rancor, Kolluga felt that he shouldn't have came. But then, Boushhu, actually Leia Organa in disguise, and Chewbacca came into Jabba's throne room.[26] Since being a part of the Rebel Alliance, Kolluga knew of Organa killing Boushh and knew that it must have been her in disguise, and decided to not tell Jabba. While Jabba and the others were a sleep, Kolluga left the room to go find Leia and ask her why she was their. He then quietly and quickly returned to the throne room and pretended to be a sleep on Jabba's extra throne. But after Jabba surprised Leia, who had just released Han Solo from carbonite, he had Kolluga bring Leia over to Jabba. After a moment of hesitance, which Jabba had taken note of, Kolluga left the room, then the palace.[26]

A few hours later, Jabba had sent one of his guards to bring Kolluga, and later, Grubo, to his sail barge, to witness Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, and Han Solo's execution.[26] A skirmish had soon emerged onto the Khetanna, which distracted Jabba, the one thing that Kolluga needed. After helping Leia rig the lighting system, Kolluga left on one of Jabba's swamp speeders and escaped off of the retched sail barge.[26]

Aftermath and Jabba's will

After Jabba's death during the battle at the Sarlaac pit, Kolluga was appointed as the new head of the Hutt Cartel, a position that most Hutts favored. Kolluga ruled the Hutt Cartel with an iron fist and spread the Cartel's influence even further into the galaxy than Jabba himself ever did.[1]

In 5 ABY, Jabba's father and Kolluga's uncle, Zorba the Hutt, had came to the Hutt courts and Clan Desilijic with Jabba's will, which mostly favored Zorba. Kolluga had gone to Jabba's Palace for the reading of the will and found out that Jabba had given him Jabba's palace on Nal Hutta, his sail barge, and the custody of Jabba's son, Rotta. However, when the will was declared a forgery by the Hutt courts, Kolluga ended up with Jabba's Nal Hutta palace and the custody of Rotta. Sometime later, Kolluga became the leader of the Hutt Cartel.

File:Jabba and Boba Fett.jpg

Sometime later, Kolluga hired the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett to capture Han Solo after he found out that the former smuggler had once stolen a wide variety of Desilijic clan jewels from the Nal Hutta palace of Jabba, of which the dead crime lord rarely visited, via security tapes.[27] Some weeks later, Fett came back to the Ancient Hutt Palace on Kor Fortiure with Solo, only for the Rebel leader to escape and nearly destroy the entire palace with him.[27]

Hutt Council services

Kolluga joined the Hutt Grand Council in 15 ABY[1], shortly after his father resigned his position as the clan's representative on the council. But shortly after Oruba resigned, he died of old age. After Oruba's death and funeral, Kolluga obtained his father's place on the Council. During his years of Hutt Council services, Kolluga participated in the Hutt-Black Sun War, Yam'rii-Hutt War, and the Rakata–Sith War.

During a meeting at Kolluga's Palace, Gorga decided to bring his adopted son, Koona, and wanted him to see what it felt like to be on the Hutt Council. Arok thought that Koona would just be a distraction and would give away the Hutt Council's secrets, but Kolluga asked Gorga if he could hold him during the meeting and played with the Huttlet to keep him occupied.

Hutt-Black Sun War


Kolluga, during the war.

Around 16 ABY, the Black Sun started stealing from the Hutt Cartel, which would steal from the Black Sun in return. This led to a war between the two crime syndicate.[1][28]

In 17 ABY, the Black Sun's leader, Y'ull Acib, had came to the Council's chambers to settle the dispute between the two crime empires.[28] However, Acib's true agenda was not what it appeared to be. After the meeting was over, Acib threatened the Hutt Council and said that they were fools to believe him.[29] Acib then said that if the Hutts didn't give back the spices that they stole from the Black Sun and give him control over the Hutt Cartel and Hutt territories they would die. Kolluga and the others just laughed at this and sent bounty hunters after them.[29]

Kolluga and the others were leaving the council's chambers when they saw Acib and his forces taking down the Hutts' guards. So, Kolluga sent local police after them, hoping it would stop them until they reached their ships.[1] But, just when he was about to leave with his cousin's son, Gorga, he remembered that Aronka and Slatia were returning from a trip to Glee Anslem and were on their way back to the palace. So, Kolluga quickly went to the palace's hangar bay where he found Slatia and Aronka.[1] They quickly ran towards the ship with Gorga and left Kolluga's Palace to Gorga's and hid there until Cartel forces retook the city of Bilbousilga.

Shortly after returning from Gorga's Palace, Kolluga learned that Gorga had been attacked by Acib and was traveling to Kolluga's Palace.[1] Shortly after Gorga's Palace was attacked, Gorga sent a message to the Hutt Council members warning of an attack on the council. Arok's palace was then attacked and Arok and his family were on there way to Kolluga's Palace for safety.[1] Shortly after that, Kolluga's distant cousin, (New Republic era)|Issulla, had been killed by Acib at her palace, prompting the Desilijic and Fortiure clan members to go to Kolluga's Palace like the others.[28] When Kolluga's younger brother, Jabba, was getting ready to leave, Acib attacked his palace on Tatooine. Jabba then contacted Kolluga but the transmission was cut off.[1][28] Not wanting his younger brother to end up like his cousin, he sent his best lieutenant Tusa Usilic Nai to aid Jabba. But, when Tusa arrived, he arrived with Jabba's son and Jabba's lifeless body.[1] Jabba had been shot and killed by a wounded Black Sun warrior. Angered by his loss, Kolluga was ready to kill Acib.

After his brother's death, Kolluga then told every member of the council and their families via hologram to make their way to his palace as soon as possible. By this time, the year 19 ABY was almost over.[1]

However, councilmen Gunool was killed and after Kolluga was informed of this, he prepared for battle. He had his family and the other councilors go to the palace's hangar through a secret passage and had them wait there until the Black Sun reached Kolluga's throne room.[1] Kolluga was then contacted by his ancestor, Kabbura, and was informed that Kabbura's militia would be arriving any minute to help. Kabbura then arrived with his fleet and stayed with Kolluga in the throne room. When Acib's forces arrived, Kolluga got out his lightsaber and Kabbura got out his blaster, ready to fight and kill Acib.[1][28]

By the time Acib and his bodyguards reached the throne room, the Black Sun army was defeated while on the way to the room. Kolluga then gave Acib one last opportunity to surrender and pay for his crimes against the Hutts, but he refused the offer and took out his vibrosword to duel with Kolluga.[1] Kolluga then told Kabbura to stay back and got ready for a duel. Kolluga and Acib then engaged in a duel and fought for several minutes. As they fought, the floor beneath them started crumble and tear up. Kolluga then told Acib: "You will die today," Kolluga the swung his lightsaber against Acib's vibrosword, knocking Acib off his balance, and Kolluga continued to do this several times and each time saying different phrases, first time: "This one is for Gunool!" Second time: "This one is for Issulla!" Third time: "This one is for my nephew!" Fourth time: "This one is for my fellow Hutts!" And the fifth and final time, he said: "And this one is for my brother!" The final blow knocked Acib off his balance and Kolluga then hit Acib with his tail, causing Acib to be thrown against the wall, breaking one of his ribs in the process.[1] Acib then had two of his bodyguards try to finish the two Hutts off while his other bodyguards helped him to his ship. Kolluga defeated the bodyguards.

Sometime later, in 20 ABY, after the Hutts and their forces rebuilt their homes, Kolluga and the Hutt Council then plotted to launch a massive assault on the Black Sun's headquarters in Galactic City, Coruscant.[1] They then bought out and convinced the Hutt Vigo Yaawvraa to join their side of the war and spy on the Black Sun's mad leader, Y'ull Acib. Kolluga and the other Hutts then sent their forces to Coruscant to attack Acib's headquarters and finish him once-and-for-all.[1]

Yaawvraa then informed the Hutt leaders of a newly built secret entrance that Acib had built to escape when the Hutts attacked. Kolluga and the Kajidiis saw this as the perfect moment in the war, a moment where Acib thought that he could get away but is then killed when ambushed in the secret entrance. Kolluga then sent one of his fellow councilmen to ensure the victory and to record the entire demise of Acib via holo-recording. [1]

After hearing about Acib's death, Kolluga celebrated with his family and got the arrested councilmen an expensive lawyer and released him from jail. As a gift to Kolluga, the chairmen gave the holo-recording to the ancient Hutt crime lord.

Afterwards, several days later after the final battle, the hearing of Jabba's will was taking place inside his palace on Tatooine. Kolluga was to be the legal guardian of Jabba's son, Desilijic, and Desilijic was to inherit Jabba's criminal empire and fortune once he turned 80 years old.[9]

Sometime during the war, Kolluga assigned a new recruit to investigate a series of murders that struck the Besadii clan on Nal Hutta, along with his long-time friend and bodyguard Rudaour.[14]

Yuuzhan Vong War

"Send Borga with the rest to negotiate with those monsters."
―Kolluga to the rest of the council.[src]

Around 26 ABY, when the Yuuzhan Vong started to conquer the entire galaxy, the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta was invaded and conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong.[30]

With half of the planet's population either being chased off or murdered off, the Hutts, besides the Yuuzhan Vong, were the only ones to stay on the planet. After Hutt Space had been conquered by the Yuuzhan Vong and with many planets being vongformed, including Hutta, the Hutts grew tired of the occupation, so the council, including Kolluga, constructed the Hutt underground, of which many throughout the galaxy joined.[30] The remaining members of Kolluga's empire put all their efforts to the Hutt rebellion and eventually destroyed the terraforming machines. Around this time, the council had set up a meeting with the Yuuzhan Vong and Kolluga suggested sending Borga the Hutt – the daughter of Gardulla the Hutt – to represent him and many other Hutts of the council.[30]

Sometime later, the Galactic Republic joined the rebellion and in 28 ABY, during the Second Battle of Nal Hutta, of which Kolluga participated in,[30] the Hutts regained Nal Hutta and drove the Yuuzhan Vong from Hutt Space, and eventually out of the explored regions. After the war ended in 29 ABY, Kolluga had began relief efforts to aid the destroyed worlds and their people(s) and helped more than half of the known survivors and victims of the war. After hearing about an entire Ongree colony from Kor Clay having to leave their planet because of its devastation, Kolluga hosted many relief efforts for the Ongree, and later the Ithorians, as well.[30]

Also, during the last debate for the leadership of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, Kolluga was very keen on making Berooken Kolina leader of the Federation — since he believed that the Mon Calamari were fair rulers — and voted for him and bribed a number of politicians to vote for Kolina. His bribes and votes eventually made Berooken the leader of the Federation.

Great Kajidic Wars

Around 57 ABY,[5] having been 28 years since the Yuuzhan Vong War ended, the Great Kajidic Wars began, leaving many clans and Hutt businesses nearly destroyed. The Council of Elders began losing their hold on the lesser clans and was on a verge of a civil war.[31] During one of the council meetings, an argument broke out between Kolluga and Guvacha Nijiladii about the death of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, though it stopped when Arok started to scold them and when Kolluga's 10th great-grandfather came into the chambers.[31] Kabbura was Juvard's representative on the council while he was away on planets that were affected by the Yuuzhan Vong. Shortly after the arrival of Kabbura, a Jedi Knight arrived before the council seeking a truce with the Hutts. The council told the Jedi that if he could convince Supreme Mogul Togolla Usilic Juvachi to aid the Hutt Council if a civil war broke out, then they would sign a treaty, allying themselves with the Republic and Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.[31][5] The Jedi Knight convinced the Supreme Mogul and the council signed the treaty.[5]

After the Inijic conflict, Kolluga would participate in the Desilijic, Blujic, Usilic, and Illip Clan Wars and would win more than half of the battles.[5] After the conflict, Kolluga and the council was put into near bankruptcy and were all nearly killed by either Imperial, Sith, or rogue Hutt clans on occasions.

Desilijic Conflict
"If we lose to Jogulla, then the Desilijic clan will be finished. We must win this war."

After the Inijic conflict, the Hutt Grand Council sent Kolluga, Togolla Usilic Juvachi, and Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo to lead their forces against the rogue Hutts, who were backed by Jogulla Desilijic the Younger and her criminal empire.[31][32]

Stationed at his deceased brother's palace— which was inherited from Jabba Desilijic Tiure's will—Kolluga, Gorga, and Togolla prepared for a battle inside the city of Mos Eisley,[5] but they soon found out that the battle would instead take place inside the palace when Jogulla's forces attacked the stronghold.[5] During the battle, Kolluga, Gorga, and Togolla were waiting in the throne room while their soldiers battled those of Jogulla's criminal empire.[5] However, while watching the battle on a data pad, the three Hutts saw that they were going to lose the fight, so, Kolluga dispatched the war droids Frenzy and Scorpio, who were designed for battles like the one that was taking place. With the droids, Jogulla's army was defeated and they had won the battle.

Shortly after this, the rest of the council contacted Gorga, Kolluga, and Togolla and told them that Jogulla's forces had left Tatooine and went to the Hutt homeworld of Nal Hutta, going towards Winter Palace.[33] However, once the Kolluga and the other two reached Winter Palace, it was already being attacked by Jogulla. The battle ended with the council winning, but with a high fatality rate.[33]

Illip conflict

Battle of Fillip's Palace
Kolluga: "Skocha, eliminate our dear Fillip, please."
Skocha: "As you wish, lorda Kolluga."
―Kolluga ordering Skocha to shoot Fillip.[src]

After the Illip Clan War in 62 ABY, the Hutt Council was almost destroyed by Hutta citizens who blamed the wars and the deaths on the Council. However, all of the councilmen survived the attack on Kolluga's Palace and remained together.[31]

Yam'rii Invasion

Oggurobb makes a deal

Kolluga informs the Jedi of the Yam'rii's attack.

Around 100 ABY, Kolluga soon learned that Nal Hutta had been invaded by the Yam'rii and the Hutt Council at their chambers.[5] However, Kolluga and the rest of the council retaliated with an infantry that would wipe out the Yam'rii's troopers. Kolluga and the council left Kolluga's Palace to go somewhere safe.[5]

Kolluga, however, had to leave his hiding place to pick up his daughter and son-in-law for the delivery of his grandchild.[34] However, Kolluga's sail barge had gotten shot down during the Battle of Bilbousilga. Kolluga and his family were not harmed and were forced to retreat. They reached the hospital but Slatia had already given birth to Kolluga's first grandchild, Arok Desilijic Fortiure.[34]

Kolluga and the council later on forced the Galactic Senate to force the Yam'rii to leave Nal Hutta and other Hutt Space planets.[34] Kolluga and the council threatened the Senate with a holodiary that catalogued the illegal acts of the Republic/Federation, so the Senate had to stop the Yam'rii. Kolluga teamed up with the well known scientist Doctor Oggurobb to make a device that would disable all of the Yam'rii's weapons.[5] Kolluga and Juvard's plan was successful and managed to drive all of the remaining Yam'rii to the ancient lake surrounding Bilbousilga and killed all the Frist sharks so that the Hammer Sharks could kill the Yam'rii. All remaining Yam'rii was taken to Coruscant to be sent to prison. Kolluga, the council, and the Senate forced the Yam'rii to sign a treaty, which favored in the eradication of the Yam'rii species if they stepped out of line.[34]

Visiting Tugool

In 120 ABY, the Jedi Master Tugool Bareesh and his wife, Luchara, were celebrating the birth of their daughter with a party and invited Kolluga, Unab Besadii Tai, and Tuka Blujic Yulo to the party. Not wanting to disappoint a fellow force-sensitive Hutt, especially a Jedi, Kolluga went to the party at Tugool's palace. Kolluga left for Tatooine and arrived at the party on time.

Kolluga arrived at the party and had a few conversations with Luchara and Tugool before Tuka and Unab arrived. Kolluga tried to talk to his fellow Hutts but they didn't want to speak. Kolluga then sensed that something was wrong and told Tugool that he should keep an eye on the two. Then Kolluga realized that Anj lorda Gorvo Anj Ebell was invited to the party as well and got suspicious since Gorvo was pronounced dead at the hands of an unknown assassin and decided to investigate. Kolluga confronted Gorvo and told him his suspicions and was told that Jefka Nebasco Lesco tried to have him killed and suspected that she would try to kill Tugool and Luchara. Kolluga was about to inform Tugool but then saw that Gorvo had already exposed Jefka and her brother were posing as Unab and Tuka.

After the party was over, Kolluga went home to Nal Hutta and found out that he and the rest of the Hutt Council were to go to Nebasco to relieve the members of the Nebasco Clan Council of their duty and replace them with more reliable Hutts of the five governing clans of Nebasco.

Allying with the Infinite Empire and the Rakata-Sith War

Around 152 ABY, the New Infinite Empire, led by Over-Predor Ceh'lok, came to Nal Hutta seeking an alliance with the Hutt Grand Council, the ruling body of Hutt Space. During Ceh'lok's negotiations with the council, Kolluga brought up the possibility of the Rakata betraying the Hutts and enslaving them as they did almost 30,000 years before. Though, Ceh'lok reassured Kolluga that the New Infinite Empire was run by Rakatans who grew towards the light side of the Force instead of the dark side of the Force and how they conquered worlds through peaceful negotiations instead of invasions.[4] Kolluga and the rest of the council eventually signed the treaty in exchange for political power on conquered worlds, and Hutt Space was officially an ally of the Infinite Empire.

Shortly after the Hutt Grand Council convinced the Inqua Grand Council to have their Inque Cartel join the alliance, the Cobralis Empire — entirely made up of the force-sensitive Cobralis species — joined their new alliance. Shortly after several other factions and worlds joined the Rakata, the remnants of the One Sith the new Sith Empire, led by Darth Talon, tried to become the leading Force-based organization in the galaxy and declared war on the Infinite Empire and its allies.[4]

Battle of Lehon
Main article: First Battle of Lehon
Battle of Inq Hutta
Main article: Battle of Inq Hutta (Rakata-Sith War)
Battle of Korriban
Main article: Battle of Korriban
Search for Kaiburr Crystals and the Battle of Ilum
Main article: Battle of Ilum (Rakata-Sith War)
Gorga: "Why are we even helping these Rakata in their search for lightsaber crystals to defeat the Sith? We have no quarrel with the Sith."
Kolluga: "The reason why we are helping the Rakata is because if we let these Sith win, then our freedom will be lost. Do you want that, Gorga?"
Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo and Kolluga[src]

Shortly after the Battle of Korriban, Over-Predor Ceh'lok needed Kolluga, the Cobralis, and Gorga to come with him to Ilum so that they could retrieve a number of Kaiburr Crystals, which would bring the Rakata's forcesabers to life, and would be elemental in defeating the Sith. While Gorga questioned their alliance with the Rakata, Kolluga explained it to him that if the Rakata were to lose and the Sith would win, then they would lose all they cared about, including their freedom.[4]

The Final Battle
Main article: Second Battle of Lehon
"You may have been trained by a Sith Lord but I was trained in the Jedi arts by one of the oldest and powerful Jedi in the galaxy."
―Kolluga to Darth Talon's apprentice[src]

With their large amount of lightsaber crystals from Ilum, the Infinite Empire and its allies were then able to create an enormous amount of lightsabers and forcesabers, getting the upper-hand in the war, since the Sith's source of lightsaber crystals was destroyed during the Battle of Korriban.[4] With the Rakatan, Hutt, Inque, and Cobralis fleets protecting all the major powers' capitals, it was believed that the Sith would have a harder time to attack any of these worlds. Though, with the Sith's new cloaking-ships, they were able to break through the defenses of Lehon and attack during a meeting between the Infinite Empire and its allies.[4]

During the battle, Darth Talon, her apprentice, Darth Crimso, and Darth Evrul attacked several command centers stationed on Lehon, destroying most of them. Eventually, Talon, Crimso, and Talon's apprentice made it to the Temple of the Ancients, attacking the leaders' forces. However, while Talon and her fellow Sith stayed inside of their command center near the temple, Ceh'lok unleashed a Zillo Beast on the Sith, destroying several Sith frigates, which were in the sky sending fighters to destroy the Rakata, and destroyed the command center.[4] However, Kolluga watched as the Sith had a number of laser tanks shoot at the Zillo Beast, eventually tiring it out and knocking it unconscious.[4]

Kolluga and Over-Predor Ceh'lok then engaged in a duel with the Sith, killing Evrul almost immediately.[4] During the duel, Talon was separated from her apprentice and Crimso when several Rakata and Cobralis guards attacked her and engaged in a duel with her. Kolluga managed to stab Crimso in the shoulder with his lightsaber, then force pushing him into a nearby boulder.[4] Kolluga then used his tail to trip Talon's apprentice and tried to crush him but missed when the Rodian kept on moving away from him. Eventually, the Sith got up and tried to kill Ceh'lok but Kolluga stabbed the Sith in the abdomen, with Ceh'lok beheading him with his forcesaber in return.[4] Talon saw this and came at the two but Kolluga used the Force to drag a downed-Sith starfighter and drop it in front of Talon, stopping her.[4]

Kolluga, along with his guards, Ceh'lok, Hissidor Ratticla, and the Cobralis general Slitheraa, ran into the Temple of the Ancients, towards the inner-sanctum. Kolluga and the others told their guards — including the war droids Frenzy and Scorpio — to turn on the turrets and the wall-blasters in the hallways leading up to the inner-sanctum and stay there.[4] Once they reached the inner-sanctum, Kolluga and the others watched the battle from a monitor, but stopped when Talon used her lightsaber to cut through the door. When Talon came at the others, Kolluga blocked her with his lightsaber, engaging in a duel with her. However, Talon pushed Kolluga into a wall, knocking him out. Once he gained consciousness, Kolluga looked as Ratticla stated that the dead Slitheraa was the best general the galaxy had ever had.[4]

Kolluga later attended Slitheraa's funeral.

Huttese Shadow Virus

Years later, Kolluga and the other Elders were informed of the new Huttese Shadow Virus by the newest member of the Council, Potunga Desilijic Diori. This new disease started to upset the Council after 10 Hutts were already killed by the virus. Kolluga and the other councilors started to conspired with Society founder Muggera Besadii Tai to kill Potunga's mother. They soon kidnapped the dangerous Hutt and put her into a ship above Inqua.

In the ship, Kolluga decided to have Frugga put into a chamber, where the virus would spray into the chamber, then launched her into space, where she had gotten the virus inside of her and she died. Kolluga then had the remaining Hutts with the virus, dead and alive, and had them launched into space as well.

Shortly after this, in 400 ABY,[6] Kolluga resigned as leader of the clan and his position on the council was given to his grandson, Arok.

Return of the Hutt Empire

Four hundred years after Kolluga retired, Khobisho Desilijic Fortiure gave the title of Kajidii back to Kolluga.[6][35]

Giranata Cival War

First Battle of Giranat

Second Battle of Giranat

War on Manaan

Battle of Manaan

Search for Andora

The Andoran Invasion

Meeting on Ansian

The Extinction Effect

Personality and Traits

Kolluga was at an average height and weight for Hutts,[36] standing at 2.11 meters and 3.01 meters in length. Unlike the typical green and tan skin pattern, Kolluga had blue and yellow skin, with yellow circles along his back and sides. His back appeared to be full of lumps/wrinkles and his chest appeared to have a lot of lumps. Kolluga also appeared to have two tattoos of two different Hutt clans, Blujic and Desilijic – with Desilijic on his right arm and Blujic on his left arm.

Kolluga was known to be very honest, kind, smart, and friendly. When it came to his family, especially his daughter, he was very protective. His protective, and yet aggressive side was shown when his daughter and distant cousin was kidnapped by Confederate leader Count Dooku and fellow Desilijic Hutt Ziro Desilijic Tiure.[15] He had many friends throughout his life, which included: Hermi Odle[7], Rudaour,[14] Aronka, Jabba, Arok, Gorga, Xomit Grunseit[7], and many others.

Kolluga was also proud to be part of an ancient force-sensitive bloodline, and considered lesser clans like the Nebascos and Faljozics to be inferior, since they could not trace their lineage back to the original Hutt homeworld of Varl.[6] Due to his clan's authority and position in Hutt society, Kolluga thought that any Hutt born into the Desilijic and Fortiure clans was practically royal, and they often were treated like royalty.[6] Even though he held his clan's lineage and position in Hutt society with the upmost respect, he did seem to think clans like Blujic and Illip were fine clans to be born into and should also be highly respected and treated like royalty.[6]

Possessions and Vices


Kolluga's Palace was a Monastery built to look like a B'omarr Monk monastery. It was designed and built by Kolluga and a distant relative of his, Arok, in 795 BBY on Nal Hutta.


Kolluga had guards at every corner of his palace, with the most common being Niktos and Togrutas. Most of his guards were force-sensitive.

In addition to his hired muscle, Kolluga had numerous of other henchmen around his fortress. He had skiff guards on his personal skiffs and others that would be at his disposal.


During the first year of the Clone Wars, Kolluga wore a type of headset with a monocle on one side and a type of speaker on the other. The monocle would often give Kolluga's right eye a distorted look. Kolluga also had a broken off piece of a hookah pipe and used it as a cigarette sometimes.


Kolluga had two tattoos, one on his left arm and another on his right. On the right arm, he had a tattoo of the Fortiure clan symbol, and the other, on his left, was the symbol of clan Blujic.


Ahsoka Tano Vision

One of his many Togruta slaves, armed with two duel lightsabers.

Kolluga has had numerous of slaves at all different times of his life/career, mostly Togrutas, Twi'leks, Rodians, Ithorians, Humans, Pykes, and many other sentient species. Kolluga had them wear very revealing clothes, until their old age, when he would let them free.

If he had a force-sensitive slave, then he would keep them and give them a lightsaber for protection for them, but most of all, him. One of the few force-sensitive that he had was a Nanostarter Togruta named Kortuga Nanostarter, whom was later freed due to an agreement that was made between the Fortiure clan and the Nanostarters generations before him.


Kolluga has had many pets during his life, including Hammer Sharks, Chameleons, Nupas, and many others. Known pets:

Sail Barge

Kolluga owned a luxury sail barge, the Fortuna, which, at times, proved to be quite useful. Kolluga had a cannon built on the top decks of the barge. After a number of times of being stolen, crashed, and rigged, Kolluga had another one built exactly like it, just in case the original was destroyed completely. But it was never used, since, when the first one was damaged, it would always be repaired.


File:Kolluga's lightsaber.jpg

When Kolluga was being trained by his father and was considered to be a "Jedi Youngling", Kolluga chose to make his lightsaber a lightsaber pike. Though many thought that this was hard for a Hutt, Kolluga thought it was easy and mastered the lightsaber pike. He felt that it would be more easier for him and it was, especially when he needed to get through security while on a mission. After he left the Jedi Order, Kolluga kept his lightsaber for protection, and so that he could teach his daughter in the ways of the Force/Jedi.

Family tree

Main article: Fortiure family tree tapestry

Kolluga owned a tapestry depicting the Fortiure clan family tree that was inside his palace on Nal Hutta. The tapestry was magically enchanted to be able to record and depict the faces of the family members, and their birth and death dates. The tapestry only depicted the faces of blood relatives and depicted the surname of Fortiure.

At the trunk of the tree was the picture of Kolluga's ancestor, Kabbura Desilijic Fortiure, and the pictures of Hutts on the branches represented his descendants, including Kolluga.

Behind the scenes

In Star Wars: Hutts: Vengeance of Pawa, Kolluga was indirectly mentioned as the "very powerful Hutt" destined to destroy an evil and corrupt leader of a reorganized Hutt Cartel-like Hutt Empire.

Kolluga can be considered one of the most "detailed" Hutts in the Star Wars universe.

Kolluga was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the Star Wars: Hutts video game series.




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