Arok of Nal Hutta
Potunga Desilijic Diori
Biographical information

Nal Hutta (born on Tatooine)


200 ABY, Tatooine

Physical description



Hermaphrodite (feminine personality)

  • 2.01 meters tall
  • 3.04 meters long
Hair color


Eye color


Skin color

Blue and Yellow

Chronological and political information

Legacy era

"You traitor! How could you?! I'm you're mother, not the Besadiis!"
"I'm sorry mother. You were trying to kill Nal Hutta's Hutts! Even your own family!
―Potunga and her mother[src]

Potunga Desilijic Diori was a feminine elder Hutt of the Hutt Grand Council and the daughter of Frugga Desilijic Gru. She, along with the rest of the Council, plotted to get rid of Frugga before she could destroy half of the Hutt population on Nal Hutta. Potunga was the wife of Groonga Desilijic Fortiure and the mother of Junta Desilijic Tiure.

After her mother's rising list of enemies, Potunga started to influence her mother to leave the Delijitis, but when that did not work, she started to convince her mother's enemies that she was not a threat anymore by having mercenaries steal and sell her mother's spices from her spice hauling ships, which did work for a while, at least until her mother found out about what Potunga was doing. After Frugga found out about Potunga and the mercenaries, she had Potunga exiled to the planet of Felucia, where she became the planet's representative of state, at least until she escaped.

She later found out about her mother's new bio-weapon, the Huttese Shadow Virus, which would have killed more than half of Nal Hutta's Hutt population. She then shared her discovery with the Council of Elders, which together, conspired with Frugga's rival, Muggera Besadii Tai, to kill Potunga's mother. By the time Frugga found out about Potunga's betrayal, it was already to late, she had been put onto a ship, where she was put into a chamber. While in the chamber, the virus was sprayed in the chamber, and she was launched into space with the chamber and virus, already inside her.

A few years later, in 294 ABY, she met her husband, Groonga Desilijic Fortiure, and was married to him in a few months. While on their honeymoon on Solarine, she was kidnapped by a group of assassins, which was employed by Groonga's ex-wife, Skulga Desilijic Paluc. But Groonga hired bounty hunter Bo-Katan Fett to rescue his newly-wed wife and kill the assassins and their employer. Fett broke into Skulga's palace and was able to kill the assassins before they could kill Potunga and rescue her. But while escaping, Fett killed Paluc and left with Potunga. A few seconds before Potunga and Groonga was reunited, she gave birth to Groonga's son, Junta.


Early Life (200 ABY-300 ABY)Edit

Potunga, born as the daughter of Frugga Desilijic Gru on Tatooine, she became a very wealthy Hutt and grew to power on the Clan of Ancients at the age of 80.